Welcome to The MoMo World

Himalayan Street Food

Inspired by a childhood of culinary and culturally immersed experiences all throughout the beautiful country of Nepal, our owners imagined bringing a piece of home across the ocean and to the heart of Chicago. Today, The Momo World, stands to introduce the taste of the Himalayan region to our fellow Chicagoans one savory piece of momo at a time.

At the Momo World, we pride ourselves on taking classic, culturally-infused dishes from our loving home and upgrading, not only the ingredients, but the presentations, taste, and experience all while keeping the deep-rooted spirit of our culture at hand.

The Momo World as the name suggests, is the home of a variety of irresistible momos, served with our house sauce. By creatively melding the many cooking techniques and flavors found throughout Nepal, we create a new culinary experience that features the unofficial national food of Nepal, Momo. This delicacy has been at the center of our food pallete for generations. With its roots closely tied with dumplings made in various Asian countries, Momo has its own unique taste. It entered Nepal via Tibet and quickly found its way into the hearts and bellies of the locals. 

We welcome you to The Momo World and we hope that with a full stomach, you also leave with a new love for our beautiful country and culture.